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Zhengzhou Aslan Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Zhengzhou Aslan Machinery Co.,Ltd


we established in 2014 , We get involved in food machines export and import business. Our products include food processing machine ,fruit and vegetable processing machine ,goods packing machine and uv sterilizer machine field . Quality is our life and your trust is our power. Good cooperating start from trust . welcome contact with us for more information about our company or our goods. cooperation start from calling , welcome you cotnact us .

New Arrive machines

Food processing machine
Fruit & vegetable machine
मांस मशीनों
कृषि और पागल मशीनरी

Vegetables and fruits cleaning washing drying waxing and size sorting production line.
-As for the cleaning washing machine, we can do air bubble washing machine, spray nozzles washing machine, rotary brush cleaning machine, flat rotary brush cleaning machine, we also can combinate them together according to customer products process crafts.
*As for the drying machine, we can do air knife drying machine, also can do axial fan drying machine, and also can design the conveyor for roller type or flipper type to improve the drying effect, all these can be customized according to customer
*As for the size sorting machine, we can do tracks size grading machine, roller drum type size sorting machine, rotary roller type size sorting machine also can do weight sorting machine if you need.
*As for the waxing machine, we can design brush wax type machine, also can design spray wax type machine , customer can choose the one according to your needs.

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